Thu 11:00 PM

Lovers and Mademen Presents: Macbeth

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When: Thursday, October 18, 2012
11:00 PM - 1:00 AM  
Where: Shanley Hall
2031 Sheridan Road  
Evanston, IL 60208 map it
Audience: - Faculty/Staff - Student - Public
Costs: - Student: $5.00 - Public : $10.00
Contact: Victoria Ileana Cano  
Group: Lovers & Madmen
Category: Fine Arts
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Shakespeare’s shortest tragedy, Macbeth is a story of ambition, arrogance, murder, and madness. After a great military victory against a rebel army, Scottish general Macbeth encounters three witches who prophesize that he will be crowned King of Scotland. Persuaded by Lady Macbeth to seize the crown from the current king, he commits regicide against King Duncan. Swiftly descending in to madness and paranoia, Macbeth resorts to murderous, tyrannical acts to ensure his hold on the crown. Wracked by guilt, the bloodbath continues as Macbeth encounters ghosts, demons, and spirits before he is finally confronted in battle with Macduff, a Scottish nobleman who opposes Macbeth’s ascension to the throne.

Dark, grungy, and timeless, Macbeth raises the question of choice; why do we make the choices that we do, and what to those choices say about us? Did Macbeth kill because of prophesy or because of unchecked ambition? Do we make the choices, or do the choices make us?