The Whitaker International Summer Program External Deadline

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When: Monday, February 4, 2013
All day  
Audience: - Faculty/Staff - Student
Contact: Angela R Johnson   (847) 491-2617
Group: Office of Fellowships Deadlines
Category: Academic
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The Whitaker International Summer Program provides funding for U.S. bioengineers and biomedical engineers to continue their existing Master’s or PhD work abroad of high-quality, individually-arranged, research OR internship in industry OR coursework relevant to their field under the supervision of a mentor to:

*Improve their expertise as scientists
*Help developing scientists open their minds to think and analyze on a broader, global level
*Build individual as well as institutional partnerships; and, *Establish dialogues between the scientific community in the U.S. and the rest of the world.

Summer grantees must meet the basic eligibility requirements and must

*Hold a Bachelor’s degree by the beginning date of the grant  
*Be enrolled in a BME or BME-related Master’s or PhD program OR *Be a recent recipient of an MS degree in BME or a BME-related field

Summer grantees go abroad for 8 weeks (between June 1 and August 31)

Award Benefits
The grant provides:

*A fixed-amount fellowship award Round-trip international fare
*A monthly living stipend commensurate with the expected expenses in the host country
*Health and accident insurance