Northwestern University

Mon 5:30 PM

M3 Specialty Department Session - Surgery

When: Monday, January 29, 2018
5:30 PM - 6:30 PM  

Audience: Student

Contact: Jason Burke  

Group: Office of Medical Education: Student Activities

Category: Lectures & Meetings


During the information sessions, you should expect information to help you assess the following:

Characteristics of residency training in your specialty:
• What are the current characteristics of residency in this area of specialty and are these likely to change in the next few years?
• Is the residency preceded with a medicine, surgery, or transitional PGY-1?
• What is the relative competitiveness, ie. Recent past applicant to opening ratio?
• How matched? (NRMP or early match)

Being a candidate for residency in this specialty:
• What experience in the senior year (specific clerkships, research, other) would be particularly good preparation for a person anticipating residency training in your specialty?
• What are the implications for a student wishing to transfer into this specialty after beginning a residency in another specialty?

Evaluating residency programs:
• What factors distinguish residency programs in your specialty? What qualities would you define as good for this specialty?
• Are there issues to be cognizant of when evaluating a program or institution for this specialty?

Post-residency subspecialty or research fellowship training:
• How common is subspecialty or research fellowship training?
• What are the options?
• When to apply?

Job Outlook:
• What is the demand at present for graduates completing residency/fellowship training in this specialty?
• How satisfied have very recent program graduates been with job placement?
• Discuss academic careers in this specialty; placement, satisfaction, trends, etc.


* * Please email Jason Burke to r.s.v.p. and for location of event.

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