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CLEAN 2020 Virtual Summit - Issues and Challenges to Reopening with Confidence

When: Wednesday, August 5, 2020
8:00 AM - 1:00 PM  

Where: Online
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Audience: Faculty/Staff - Student - Public - Post Docs/Docs - Graduate Students

Contact: Tony   321.246.5404

Group: NCWR

Category: Other, Academic, Lectures & Meetings, Global & Civic Engagement


CLEAN 2020 Virtual Summit: Bridging the gap between proven scientific process & real-world application for healthy congregation

The CLEAN 2020 Summit will connect current COVID-19 science with best practices and real-world solutions.  We are striving to expedite innovation, improve science-based applications, and support consumer confidence in the built space.  CLEAN 2020 will feature:

·         Industry leaders sharing challenges and concerns of re-opening and staying open.

·         Scientists sharing current research and emerging knowledge.

·         Companies sharing risk factors, innovations and applications of available guidance.

·         Standards development leaders sharing current guidance and best practices.


CLEAN 2020 is a Virtual Summit organized over 3 days:
August 5: Issues and Challenges to Reopening with Confidence

August 13: Science and Technology Solutions, Gaps and Research Needs

August 25: Lessons-learned in Managing Risk and Tools & Strategies for Confident Operations


Value of this Summit:
We will use the first summit to gather information on activities including standards, policies and procedures (operating procedures administrators and decision-makers have the authority to put in place) applied to impact the modes of transmission in built spaces, as well as the challenges, needs, and priorities. 


Examples of opportunities for policies and procedures to impact buildings:

a.     HVAC, building performance

b.     Spatial density of people in a given space

c.      Targeted disinfection, cleaning, decontamination and administration of hygienic practices

SARS-CoV-2 monitoring indoors, wastewater, water systems

Examples of opportunities for discussion on how to guide people including their behaviors, activities and implementing infection control measures:

a.     Indoor activities, behaviors

b.     Population types, vulnerability

c.      PPE, controls

d.     Human testing & contact tracing

e.     Civil liberties, privacy rights, rules, recommendations


To understand these opportunities and challenges the Summit agenda includes:

·         Assessing the challenges in returning to routine operations faced by the hospitality, food safety, resort and transportation industries. 

·         Discussion of best practices, data-driven solutions and innovative technologies to help people feel confident and safe in the places where they choose to congregate.

·         Identification of the state of the science for providing confidence in decontamination practices to support safe and healthy environments. 

·         Opportunities to transition research into practice to recover from biological contamination and safely return to routine activities.

·         Promote confidence in the implementation of control and management practices to reduce viral transmission.


Summit Outcomes will include: 

·         Existing knowledge products and data driven solutions critical to advancing science and engineering solutions essential for economic and social vitality will be showcased. 

·         Opportunities for collaboration across industry, government and academic stakeholders to rapidly address identified needs and capability gaps will be identified.

·         Research needs will be shared with attendees including policy makers, associations, standards organizations and other nonprofits who are working to fund knowledge gaps in response to COVID-19. 


Why should you participate? 
·         Companies with proven detection, decontamination and cleaning technologies that want to hear what government agencies have to say about products getting adopted for use and current guidelines and processes.

·         Companies that want to understand the science and guidance in order to provide consumer confidence and keep their doors open.

·         Companies that want to show they “care” and just have their LOGO shown.

·         Agencies that want to understand the challenges faced by their stakeholders in the USA and abroad.

·         Universities that want to show they are helping to drive the conversation forward and research gaps. 

·         Professional associations and standards organizations that have similar missions seeing this as a good partnership.

What’s next and how to get involved:
We are forming a new community to continue the work of Summit, connecting diverse fields of science to understand viral fate and transport in the built environment, support guidance and best practices as well as real-world solutions to the challenges faced by commercial industry.  We believe by working together we can expedite innovation, improve science-based applications, and support consumer confidence in the built space.  Join us by becoming a member of IBEC Forum - an emerging community bridging the gap between proven scientific process & real-world application for healthy congregation.


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